Uncompromising Education Firmly Rooted in the Truth
Christian Education
Students Receive a Christ Centered Education with an Emphasis on Discipleship
Students are Encouraged to Build Relationships and to Challenge Each Other on a Daily Basis
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Northeast Christian High School

Northeast Christian High School Was Born Out of a Vision to Create an Educational Center where Students in Northeast Missouri Could Receive a Christian Education that is Based on Biblical Values in a Non-Denominational Setting. We Provide a Christ-centered Curriculum for Grades 9-12.

Working Together for a Better Community & School

About NCHS

We're a private high school with a primary focus on encouraging students in their relationship with Christ, academically empowering them to be their best, while making a positive impact through bi-weekly For Him Friday service projects in the Northeast Missouri community.

Volunteers in Partnership

Wanting to help our school maintain high standards so we can help our students even more? You can get involved and be a part of improving what we offer.

Our Mission

NCHS is a non-denominational, God-honoring, Christ-centered high school, with a Biblical worldview curriculum where families, churches and the school equip students to have a personal relationship with the Creator, love and serve others, and be leaders for His Kingdom.

Leaving a Legacy at NCHS

NCHS earned the Excellence in Giving Transparency Certificate by submitting 175 strategy, leadership, financial, and impact data